How To Choose The Right Oil Essential Diffuser


Today, there is a rage on spas, relaxation and massages and it is not also surprising that massage oils, essential oils for heartburn and incense sticks are a hot pick in the market. There are a lot of people who try to create a space in their homes that would look like a spa or create an ambiance that would look like a spa. Apart from using relaxing music, mood lights, essential oil diffuser are also being used at home. This oil essential diffuser is used to appeal to our sense of smell as it greatly contribute to the overall spa experience.

What is a diffuser? It is a small device that simply uses diffusion to help disperse essential oils. When you use oil diffuser, it will allow the aroma of the oil to fill the room or an area with only the natural scent of the oil. It also depends on the oil that is being used, a diffuser will serve as a natural as well as inexpensive way to purify the air. It does not only purify the air but it also remove unwanted odors and can greatly eliminate airborne pathogens such as molds and mildew, dust motes, dust, viruses and even bacteria. There are several types of essential oil diffuser that is available in the market and you also can create your own. If you are planning to buy one, it is best that you get to inform yourself on what are the different types that is available in the market.

Candle diffuser, these diffuser that uses candles and is often a tea light. The candle is used to heat the essential oil slowly. Most often, these candle diffuser are made from ceramic or steel. They also looked like a small bowl or a pot wherein you place the essential oil and is often diluted in water.  Know more about oils at

Lamp ring on the other hand is a device that contains a lamp and a ring. This is often made from a terra cotta, metal or ceramic. The ring on the other hand contains a few drops of oil and is placed on the lamp. This type of diffuser are inexpensive and is available in the market but it is also considered to be unsafe due to the fact that you can easily get burned and can easily start a fire.

Fan diffusers do not use heat in order to release the fragrance of the essential oil diffuser unlike the first two. What it does is that, it blows cool air through an absorbent pad that actually contains the essential oil. This type of diffuser can be used is a larger rooms.


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